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The most personal decision you will make as a parent is who will help you care for your children.  At Deb’s Daycare, we partner with our parents to raise children in an environment that is more than just a day care center, but an extension of your own home and family.

We are a family operated private home based day care facility for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years.  Our New York State licensed facility services Yorktown Heights NY and surrounding areas.

Personalized Program

Parents and staff will work together to develop a personal growth schedule that matches each child’s individual development.  From diet and sleep patterns, to social interaction, learning, and potty training, we routinely discuss your child’s progress.  Our goal is not only to provide a safe day care environment, but to help your children develop and blossom.

Each day we provide both structured play with other children, and individual one-on-one time to allow children to develop social and personal skills.  Singing, drawing, arts-n-crafts and pretend play, are designed to foster a child’s imagination, education, and motor skills.

Parents are encouraged to participate in the day care activities.  Many parents spend a little time each day during pick-up or drop-off to work with the staff, engage in child play, and create a comfortable familiar environment for their children to grow.

We mirror the same rules and habits you establish at home so that children are given one set of standards to grow by.   

Your child will be given a daily report card, identifying the day’s behavior, food, and sleep habits.


Our days are structured around interactive play, individual one-on-one staff time, meals, naps, and educational activities.  Our children have fun with arts and crafts, singing, dancing, and outdoors time (weather permitting).  


Children over 12 months:  breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks

Infants: Formula provided by parent

Diet is one of the most important concerns our parents have.  We take care to never introduce new foods to a child that parents have not already provided.  Allergies are carefully monitored as children advance to solid foods.  Your child’s dietary requirements will be discussed during the personalized program development sessions to ensure your desires, needs, and tastes are satisfied.


The family unit is the most important element of our child care philosophy.  To that end, we are a family operated day care center. 

Deborah Brackett - Owner, CEO

State licensed child care practitioner, with MAT certification and Child CPR trained. 

Patti Brackett - Associate

Expert mom and care provider; Patti cares for the infants.  My mother taught me every thing I know; I could not have a better partner for our day care.

Deb’s Daycare is a NY state licensed day care facility in Yorktown Heights. 
All staff are fingerprinted and background checks are done by Child Care Services.

Hours of operation

7:30am - 6pm,  Monday through Friday

(except major holidays)

Special arrangements can be made on days when you may need a little extra time in the morning or evening.

In three years of operation we have only been closed one day due to emergency or illness. 


Conveniently located just minutes from the Taconic and Routes 202/35 in Yorktown Heights, Deb’s Daycare is tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood allowing children more time to spend outdoors with nature.

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Debs Day Care
Debs Day Care in Yorktown Heights New York is a state licensed child care facility.