Daily Activities


We cater to every child’s individual schedule according to parent guidelines as outlined in the Personal Growth Schedule agreed upon in the on-boarding program for new day care members.

Special attention is dedicated to table manners, social skills, and communication.  Establishing norms at an early age benefits children as they age; parents also have their own home lessons reinforced at the day care to aid development.

From infant to toddlers, all ages are introduced to ‘Your Baby Can Read DVDs’ and flash cards.  These help with the aid of speaking and learning body parts, animals, and everyday items which enhances their vocabulary.  They then learn to identify words and interpret meanings to encourage early stage reading.

Television Policy: Although we have a television in the home, it is used only for educational purposes during select times of the day.  We don’t believe in using the TV as a nanny; and refrain from using it unless as a group activity.

Outdoor Time: All ages participate in outdoor activities including our on-site playground as often as the weather permits.  We believe children grow-up healthier when they have room to run, jump, slide, and swing.  An active child is a happy child.

Holidays: Every festive occasion is an opportunity to celebrate and have fun.  We create arts and crafts to emphasize popular holidays.

Infants (2-12 months)

Tummy time, play in bouncer and saucer, crawl time, textures and toys, lots of talking and holding to develop human contact

12-18 Months

18 - 24 Months

2-4 Year Olds

Daily Activities

Debs Day Care in Yorktown Heights New York is a state licensed child care facility.